"Frida was everything we were looking for in a doula! We wanted an all-natural hospital birth after a successful (though long...) low-intervention hospital birth of our first child two years prior.  Frida was supportive before, during, and after the birth.  She made sure she knew our wishes before the big day during our initial meeting and prenatal home visit, and made us feel comfortable that she would be joining our birthing team.  During the birth, Frida was supportive of both me and my husband, quietly suggesting different positions and techniques.  Our three-hour (!) labor and delivery couldn't have gone more smoothly, and Frida played a big role in that success.   In fact, if it wasn't for Frida's insistence that we get the nurse during transition, our baby may very well have been born on the toilet! One of the nurses (13 years in L&D) commented to me that Frida was "one of the best doulas she had seen", likely due to Frida's quiet but supportive presence.  Her postpartum visit to check in on us was also nice, and it was wonderful to see her and get to thank her for her role in the birth of our daughter.  If you are looking for a strong, supportive, and yet quiet person to join your birth team, Frida is your woman!"

-Erin M.

"Mi experiencia con Frida fue increible, fue un parto dificil, duro alrededor de 33 horas y sin ella hubiera sido imposible. Fue un gran apoyo para mi y mi esposo. Logre sentirme tranquila con ella, a pesar de lo dificil de las circunstancias. Siempre tuvo una palabra de aliento y me dio las fuerzas para seguir adelante. La recomienda 100 %"

- Caroline O.

"My experience with Frida was incredible. It was a difficult birth, lasting around 33 hours, and without her it would have been impossible. She was a great help to me and my husband. I was able to feel calm with her, even with the difficult circumstances. She always had an encouraging word and she gave me the strength to keep going. I recommend her 100%."

Frida was a great help and comfort during, before, and after the birth of our daughter. I don't know what we would have done without her! Having her calm, collected, and caring presence with us during labor was a godsend. The techniques and expertise she had helped me get through a long labor. We are thrilled to highly recommend Frida!

- Paula H.