Just as no two families are the same, I customize my packages for the needs and desires of each family that comes to me. I can't wait to find out how I can best address your needs!

Each of my packages contains a combination of:

  • Initial Consultation (free of charge)
  • Pre-Natal Visits (amount dependent on package)
  • Labor Support
  • Post-Partum Visits (amount dependent on package)
  • The Three R's: Research, Referrals, and Resources

I firmly support the implementation and use of only evidence-based practices. This means many things when you become a client, but some of the most important ones are:

  • I enthusiastically encourage holistic support during pregnancy, and provide referrals for properly trained and certified specialists. 

  • Everything that I do is based on peer-reviewed studies, that I can provide you with upon request.

  • I am committed to seeking out, reading and reviewing new research about birth and motherhood.

  • I adhere to the CAPPA Scope of Practice

While I am completing my CAPPA certification I am offering my services at a reduced rate. My packages are provided on a sliding scale starting at $450. However, I firmly believe that every family that wants a doula deserves one, and I am willing to work with yours on a plan that works for you!