la·bor dou·la: a trained professional who offers physical, emotional and informational support before, during and after childbirth to help the birthing person find empowerment, strength, and joy through this life-changing experience.


What I Offer

  • Free consultation

  • Two prenatal sessions

  • Continuous labor support

  • Phone and text support

  • One free post-partum session

What I Do

  • Massage, acupressure, and other comfort techniques

  • Rebozo work

  • Research, referrals, and resources

  • Help wherever I can

More Information

No two people, no two families, no two experiences are identical, so I tailor every birth experience for the client and the situation at hand. Generally my packages include a free consultation, two prenatal sessions, continuous labor support from the time you call me, and one complimentary postpartum session. Because the needs of my clients vary I work on a sliding scale from $600-$800. There are discounts available for combinations with any of my other services. My postpartum support pairs especially well!

Science background making you skeptical? Check out this compilation of peer reviewed studies regarding doula use in labor.  Whether you choose me or another doula, here are some helpful interview questions to help you make an informed decision. 

I offer free consultations because I believe that it is important to meet your doula before making a commitment. Hiring a doula is about finding someone that you trust and you feel can support you in the way you need. 

I would love to meet and see if I can be that person for you.