Labor Doula Evidence

What follows here is a generalized overview of evidence for doulas. If you have specific questions please reach out to me and I will work to find information to answer it. 


Anxiety & Pain Reduction

"Early benefits include reductions in state anxiety scores, positive feelings about the birth experience, and increased rates of breastfeeding initiation. Later postpartum benefits include decreased symptoms of depression, improved self-esteem, exclusive breastfeeding, and increased sensitivity of the mother to her child's needs. The results of these 12 trials strongly suggest that doula support is an essential component of childbirth. "

"The results of the study showed that doula's presence has positive significant effects on labor pain and anxiety reduction; also, doula-supported mothers reported considerably lower pain and anxiety compared with those experiencing physiological delivery (without doula). Thus, the increased use of doula in hospitals all over the country is recommended."

Birth Outcomes & Duration

"The results showed a significantly lower duration of the first stage of labour in the supportive group, as compared to that in the non-supportive group. Moreover, Apgar scores in the supportive group, compared to those in the non-supportive group, significantly increased at minutes 1 and 5"

"Significantly shorter length of labor in the doula group, greater cervical dilation at the time of epidural anesthesia, and higher Apgar scores at both 1 and 5 minutes.