My name is Frida Hess, and I have the passion and experience to help and support you with strength, peace, and knowledge you need. My philosophy is to provide you with the information and support that you need, and to support you in your control of this process. All of my programs and packages are carefully constructed to give you the tools that you need to make this important period in your life as empowered, informed, and incredible as possible. 

I stand apart in my field because I am a doula unlike most. I grew up in the heart of San Francisco and inherited the compassionate flower child heart from my mother there, who named me after Frida Kahlo. That has been tempered throughout my life by an intense interest in and love of research (that flower child mother of mine is a librarian now!) and science. In fact, I am working on nursing school now in order to become a certified nurse midwife. I have prior degrees in Spanish and Gender Studies, which further inform my practice in regards to inclusivity, cultural sensitivity, and bilingualism. 

I call myself a modern doula because I offer both something different and more than many doulas. I find myself often working with medical professionals who are becoming parents, because I will never suggest something not supported by strong evidence, and I will never judge or criticize your decisions. You are in control when we work together, and that feeling can give other research minded individuals peace and confidence in the process. 

I get feedback from my clients as well as their care providers about the excellent product I deliver. I hope to be able to deliver that product to you, and work together to create the best experience possible for you. 

Care Providers: "One of the nurses (13 years in L&D) commented to me that Frida was "one of the best doulas she had seen", likely due to Frida's quiet but supportive presence."  -Erin M.

Clients: "Having [Frida's] calm, collected, and caring presence with us during labor was a godsend. The techniques and expertise she had helped me get through a long labor." -Paula H.